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About my coaching

Hi, I'm Paul.

I love music. Most of all, I love guitar based music and in a range of styles from easy going rock and pop to less well known punk, garage and indie.  I'm also partial to a bit of classical when the mood takes me. 

I've played acoustic guitar for over 20 years, but things really took off for me when I got my first electric guitar in 2011. With the help of new teaching tools and 1-to-1 tuition I quickly moved up through the formal (RGT) examinations as a means of tracking my own progress.

As well as being able to play to an advanced level, I also have a passion for teaching. I pride myself on being able to guide and instruct in such a way that I make it simpler for others to learn.

In my previous career it was vital for me to have strong communication and coaching skills. As a result I'm experienced at explaining things so that they work for each person as an individual and that's how I like to coach guitar too.

I've also  volunteered numerous times as an assistant teacher for Portsmouth Children's University. Jo Wright, who was the Project Co-ordinator said, "Our ethos was 'learning is fun', which Paul kept at the heart of every session."

Acoustic or Electric

Acoustic or Electric

Freida plays Ukulele

Freida plays Ukulele

Any age

Any age

As your guitar coach I'll make sure you have music and techniques to explore that suit your interests and rate of learning. 


Each time we meet we'll build on what we've done previously and we'll set the learning around you. It will be slanted towards the music you like most and what you want to achieve (more on that in a moment!) and the methods of learning to best suit you. 


It's simple, but this is how I'm driven to make it work:

I truly get a buzz from seeing improvements in everybody I coach and the best way for me to succeed is to give you the clearest and most motivational advice that I can. 

It's important for you to have learning goals - something to reflect on to see how you're improving. If you're not sure where to start, we can work that out together and I can help you along the path. Your aim might be to:

  • study for formal graded examinations

  • learn a song (or a bunch of songs)

  • learn to sing along while playing

  • improve your understanding of what you're playing and be able to write a song of your own.

Whatever it is that drives you, we'll keep focussed on it and get to it as quickly and effectively as we can and then set some new goals so the improvements keep coming.

I can't wait for us to get started.

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