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Our Commitment

If you've read through the brief overview of my coaching then you'll know that I'm totally committed to helping you to progress with your interests with the guitar - with coaching that is tailored for you, that is fun, motivational and gets results.

In our sessions we'll work out what your goals and preferences are and I'll use that to construct plans for how you can progress in a way that works best for you. I'll share digital materials with you to use in between our sessions.

In return I hope you'll spare some time for practice and playing at home to maximise your progress. 


So that I don't lose potential planning and coaching time - I'm sure you'll understand:

If we have a session planned in then you need to let me know in advance if you can't make it via text, voicemail or the contact's page.  Any cancellations less than 24 hours before a session will require a 50% payment for that lesson. You can settle this at the next session.

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