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Kate said (with regards to her daughter, Tilly):

Paul is a fantastic guitar coach, the most patient teacher and very inspiring. My nine year old daughter has been taught by him for the last couple of months and her progress has really impressed us. He manages to connect really well with her and always comes up with interesting music to teach - everything from Madness to Dolly Parton!

Coached at Kate's home    

Kevin said:

Having tried countless times at self teaching and going to a few lessons elsewhere, I was all about to give up until I was put in touch with Paul. Since doing so I haven't looked back!
Paul's patience and guidance has been invaluable to me. I learnt more in a few months than years of trying solo.

Paul has an amazing ability of  keeping me focussed,  motivated and ensures that  every lesson is fresh and real and that I take something away from it.


He has supported me in all areas of my playing from simple strumming techniques  through to helping with my next guitar purchase. He's well practised in a variety of genres of music so I'm able to become a more rounded guitarist.

Coached at my home    

Jon said (with regard to his son, Jamie):

My son recently started with Paul having been playing the guitar for nearly three years. During that time I thought he'd enjoyed his lessons, he plodded away and practised, sometimes reluctantly, but he hadn’t really found the passion he was hoping for with the guitar. However since he met Paul the change has been both quick and remarkable and with Paul’s help, coaching and encouragement he’s now playing the sort of music that he wants to play and he has improved no end.  


Guitar practice now starts the minute the lesson ends and Paul has left, it’s never a chore and his confidence has improved greatly meaning he chooses to perform at every opportunity. The only downside now is trying to get him off the guitar at bedtime and the occasional early morning start. 


Flexible, individually structured lessons, easy payment options and great communication have resulted in a happy student and very happy parents.

Coached at their home    

Suzanne said (with regards to her daughter, Olivia):


I just want to say a big thank you, Paul, for the lessons with my daughter! You have achieved more in two lessons than she managed with months of teaching in a school club! She's really enjoying the lessons with you and the confidence you are giving her. It's great to see her looking forward to it each week. 

Thanks again.

Coached alongside a friend at one of the parent's homes    

Steve said:

I'm a 62 year old student.

Always had the urge to play but never found time to try properly. Decided to learn after my grand daughter's birthday when she received a guitar as a present and wished I could have played a tune for her. 

Found Paul in a local search for a tutor on Internet. Best thing I ever did and simply enjoying it so much. On our first meeting found Paul to be very approachable and agreeable, which put me at ease straight away.

Everything has been structured around my needs. Paul not only teaches for the lesson but also forwards my homework in a email with all relevant attachments such as music clips etc.

Paul has always been helpful and professional in every way. So glad I found him.

Coached at my home    

Sean said:

I’ve been faffing about pretending to play guitar for the best part of 30 years now. Half an hour with Paul and I was actually starting to understand how to play guitar and that's made a big, big difference in a really short space of time. I’m really enjoying each lesson and am surprised how quickly we’ve been able to focus and get results. I thought it would be really boring but it’s a lot of fun - as it should be.

Coached via Skype   

Jo said:

Paul is a supportive tutor who is able to build confidence in young people so that they realise their abilities to their full potential. Our ethos was learning is fun - an ethos which Paul kept at the heart of every session.

Project Co-Ordinator for Portsmouth Children's University  

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